Airlines Travel Agencies

About Airlines Travel Agencies

Airlines Travel Agencies established since 1980 has its Head Office at Great Western Building, Fort, Mumbai, India.  It has branches also at Calicut and Cochin in Kerala, India.  We have licence from Government of India to recruit 1000+ at one go.  We have extended our consultancy services to innumerable organisations operating in the Middle East in our capacity as their recruiting agents and manpower consultnts.  In fact, a majority of these organisations have felt as if our office is an extension of their personnel selection division in India.

The success of any organisation is setting up a goodwill with your prospective clients.  Our clients are the various recruitees who visit our office, anxious to secure a job of their choice, as well as various overseas companies, who need new workers.  Our offices have trained manpower to assist the recruitees in finding the right job, as per their qualifications.  They also assist the recruitees in dealing with various Government Authorities in obtaining various documents and certificates with regard to working overseas.